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10 Business Listing Websites for your Nigerian Business


We know it’s easy to get carried away chasing new customers but a lot of brands forget that visibility matters. It is important to get found for your products and services first. We have put together a list of websites that list you for your products and services and help your customers find you faster and easier.

1. Google My Business.

This platform when used right might be all you really need to drive your sales and get found by potential customers. It is best to start here and put in the time to understand how to use this service.

2. Vconnect

This website has been around for a while now and is known best for its listings of local service providers. Vconnect is used by a wide range of professionals and you should too.

3. Facebook Business Page

If you’re not already familiar with Facebook then we’re not sure how your business is holding up. It’s a social platform that allows its users interact directly or through various groups and pages. There are millions of potential customers waiting to hear from you here.

4. Business List

This is a beautiful directory of local businesses with a broad database of listings. This would give your brand some extra visibility.

5. Finelib.com

This platform is available to local businesses. Their goal is to develop and grow Nigeria’s local content in wide variety of topics giving their users the most relevant results for their searches.

6. Ngex.com

NGEX provides data and platforms that help businesses reach, engage and understand consumers in Nigeria and the Nigerian Diaspora.

7. Lagoslist

This is for businesses in the state of Lagos. LagosList is an information portal for the City for Excellence, Lagos. Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria is in need of a portal and Lagos List is that portal.

8. Connect Nigeria

This platform gives you access to more than just your customers. We love them for their events. ConnectNigeria has a network of similar businesses, which you can interact with to boost your digital appearance.

9. NGcontacts

NGContacts is a database with profiles and contact details of companies and businesses in Nigeria. It also has details of company executives in various companies and organizations.

10. Instagram

Yes, we know this is not a business directory or listing website. If used the right way, Instagram can put you in the crosshairs of valuable customers seeking your products and services.


The internet is competitive and you owe it to your customers to give them the best value for their buck. This entails making it easy for them to find you. We advise our brands to consistently promote themselves with an unchanging identity.

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