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Fastest Way to Register your Business in Nigeria.


More people are looking to register businesses in Nigeria. It is no secret that Nigeria has become one of most profitable countries in the world presenting businesses with countless remunerative opportunities. With an ever-growing population, her economic scene appears highly competitive but equally profitable for those who dare to compete. To compete you need a registered business recognized by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). As tasking as it may seem to get this done, it can be easily achieved by following a few efficient steps.

1. Choose a Business Name.

This might seem quite precarious at first but do not worry, A brand is defined by much more than its name. It should be easy to remember and should uniquely describe what your business offers. Always take the time out to make a quick google search of your chosen name to make sure it is available. It helps to also search for Facebook Pages and Groups with similar names.

2. Visit the Corporate Affairs Commission Website

We find this is much faster for your business name search and will save you save you a few trips to your local CAC office. We advise you to create an account here right away to make the coming processes easier (Making sure you remember your login details will come in handy). Carefully navigate through the commissions website and you’ll find all the resources and links you need to perform a quick name search for a fee. After your submission you should receive an email a few hours later. If your desired name is approved you can move to the next step.

3. Download the Required CAC Forms.

After your desired business name has been approved you can either choose to register your Business as a “Business Name”, “Company” or “Incorporated Trustees”. If you do not which is best for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to give you a hand with that. Each registration type has a different set of requirements and it is important to know which you will need to meet. Once you have a list of your requirements you can go ahead to download the required CAC forms from the commission’s website.

4. Fill & Submit Your CAC Forms.

This should take little to no time, carefully filling these forms is important and there should be no mistakes. After filling your forms, it is always a good idea to take a detailed look through especially if you have had help filling them. Upload all the required forms and documents on the CAC portal and Wait for a confirmation email. Make sure you keep a copy of all the receipts and forms issued throughout this registration process.

5. Visit Your Local CAC office.

Once you receive a confirmation of your submission and payment, you can choose to wait but we advise you visit a nearby CAC office. Take a copy of all your receipts and forms as well as your portal login information. Expect a touch of the “Nigerian Element” as you speak to customer service officials, so be patient and trust the process. Once they have confirmed you have met all the requirements, you should be given a day to expect you certificate of incorporation which you can pickup at the same CAC office.


That’s it. It’s that easy to register a business in Nigeria. We’ve found it is much easier to understand and follow this step with the aid of a professional or a Lawyer. That’s why the Firstcam Team has you covered. Also, if you are not well versed with the “Nigerian Element we spoke of earlier then it is best you give us a call.

Most Importantly, nothing pays of like taking out some time to do a little bit of research concerning your business. It might save you a lot of time and effort as there may be a lot of technical parts to the registration process that have not been mentioned in this post.

If you need a fully registered and business in Nigeria, built to world-class standards then you should definitely contact us.