The "Active Nutrition" campaign was designed to promote the Tiger Nut Milk Drink, a high-protein and high-fiber beverage, targeting health-conscious individuals looking for nutritious and delicious alternatives. Our approach involved a comprehensive design and advertising campaign to create brand awareness, showcase the product's key benefits, and drive consumer engagement.

Starting with the client's brief, our team conducted thorough market research and competitor analysis to identify the unique selling points of the Tiger Nut Milk Drink. We collaborated closely with the client to understand their brand values and target audience, which helped shape our strategic approach to the campaign. The objective was to position the Tiger Nut Milk Drink as the go-to choice for individuals seeking a healthy and nourishing beverage option.

In terms of design, we developed an eye-catching and modern packaging design that highlighted the product's key features, such as being high in protein and fiber. The packaging design incorporated vibrant colors, engaging imagery, and clear messaging to capture attention and communicate the brand's commitment to active nutrition. Our team also created a visually appealing logo and brand identity that aligned with the product's health-focused positioning.


The "Active Nutrition" campaign successfully increased brand awareness and drove consumer engagement for the Tiger Nut Milk Drink. Through targeted ad campaigns across various platforms, including social media, online publications, and health and wellness blogs, we effectively reached our target audience. The captivating visuals, compelling messaging, and emphasis on the product's health benefits resonated with health-conscious individuals, driving interest and purchase intent.

  • Client
    Green Eden
  • Budget
  • Duration
    2 Weeks

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