Challenge: Our challenge was to create a brand push and activation campaign for Chipper Cash, a leading mobile money transfer platform, aimed at driving app signups and increasing brand awareness. The campaign required the supply of various print media and outdoor mediums to effectively promote the Chipper Cash app and encourage potential users to download and sign up.

Result: Leveraging our expertise in brand activation and print media, we developed a comprehensive campaign that combined eye-catching print materials and strategic outdoor displays to create maximum impact. Our goal was to engage the target audience, create brand recognition, and ultimately drive app signups.

To achieve this, we supplied a range of print media materials, including flyers, brochures, and posters, strategically placed in high-traffic areas such as malls, universities, and popular gathering spots. These materials featured compelling visuals, clear messaging, and strong calls to action, enticing individuals to learn more about Chipper Cash and download the app.

Additionally, we provided outdoor mediums such as branded tents and roll-up banners strategically positioned at key events, festivals, and busy street corners. These outdoor displays acted as attention-grabbing points, drawing people's curiosity and encouraging them to engage with the brand. The branded tents served as activation stations where potential users could learn about the app's benefits, interact with Chipper Cash representatives, and sign up on the spot.

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    1 week

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