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Marketing vs Advertising vs Branding: A clear Difference.


In a time where new businesses are created every day with a lot of advice on what you need to grow, it gets easy to throw terms around without knowing what truly what each one is. We’ll help you understand the difference between marketing, advertising and branding. You might need on or more of these processes to develop your business, and this should help you know which of them you and when.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of researching, designing, creating and collecting information about how to best position a product or service to its target audience. This process helps make sense of a product.

Results:Understanding your product and who wants it.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a process in which your products or services are made visible to consumers. This literally involves putting your products and services in the sight of your target audience.

Results:An Increase in consumer conversions and growth in brand awareness.

What is Branding?

Branding involves the creation of a name or symbol that identifies a company easily. This is more of a marketing process than anything else and should make consumers more familiar with a company’s identity and values.

Results:Increase in brand awareness as well as positive change of consumer perception.

Similarities & Differences Between Marketing, Advertising & Branding

It is important to note that both advertising and branding are processes of marketing. Marketing is focused on a wider audience through both research and application, while advertising is simply the application. Branding is about developing your brands identity to your consumers, while advertising focuses on your brands visibility.


While it is easy to assume what your business needs to grow, there are a lot more efforts that should not be overlooked in your decision. This will save you a lot more time and resources. Luckily, we are here for you and we offer all three services so give us a call..